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Household waste turns into new raw materials (syke.fi)

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Press release December 21th, 2021 Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
SYKE found out where the recyclable waste ends up from the households of the small North Karelian municipality of Juuka. Waste is a valuable raw material and recycling has many positive environmental impacts. Although transport journeys can be long and cause CO2 emissions, the use of waste as a raw material for new products is more environmentally beneficial than making them from natural resources and other primary raw materials.

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Jätteiden aluekeräyspiste Juuassa.

Household waste turns into new raw materials

The WasteLess Karelias project, funded by the Karelia CBC programme, revealed that all plastic, glass, cardboard and metal waste sorted in Juuka is treated either in Finland or abroad. Recycling produces valuable raw materials for new products and saves energy and natural resources.
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SYKE Policy Brief: It is time for sustainability transformation It is time to move beyond solving environmental problems one by one, to systemic societal sustainability transformations. Sustainability transformation is about rapidly fitting all our societal systems within the carrying capacity of the environment.

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