City center of Helsinki. © Photo: Tapio Heikkilä.

International Landscape Day to be celebrated with a photo contest and scenic walks

Press release 2019-10-15, Finnish Environment Institute
International Landscape Day will be celebrated on Sunday 20 October 2019. This year, the aim is to use Landscape Day to draw particular attention to the value of water in the landscape.

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Environment ministers meet to set EU priorities for UN Climate Conference in Santiago and to agree on the next steps to promote the circular economy

The Environment Council of the EU will meet in Luxembourg on Friday 4 October 2019 to agree on EU priorities for the UN climate negotiations, which will take place in Santiago de Chile in December. The Council also aims to adopt conclusions on the next steps in promoting the circular economy more vigorously within the EU. The meeting will be chaired by Finnish Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen.
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Way to meeting

North Macedonian environmental management and its journey towards becoming part of the European Union

Towards the end of the autumn, during Finland’s EU presidency, it will be decided whether to begin European Union accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania. These countries have implemented many reforms in order to make it possible to begin accession negotiations. Finland has actively supported the development of North Macedonia’s environmental management and the initiation of scientific monitoring of nature.
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Assessment of the status of Finland’s waters

Status of lakes and rivers about the same as before, coastal waters have deteriorated

A new assessment of the ecological status1) of surface waters in Finland shows that 87% of the surface area of our lakes and 68% of our rivers are in good or very good condition. Eutrophication is still the most significant problem. There have been no major changes in the status of inland waters since 2013, except for some improvement in certain sites. The status of the Gulf of Finland has improved, but for the most part the status of coastal waters is not good. The risks associated with groundwater have not increased.


SYKE Policy Brief: A circular economy allows a significant reduction in the consumption of natural resourches
A circular economy makes it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials.