Extended producer responsibility

Manufacturers, importers, distance sellers and packers of certain products are responsible for the waste management of their products. Read more about producer responsibilty in Finland at:

What does producer responsibility mean?

Producer responsibility refers to companies’ obligation to handle the waste management of products they have imported or manufactured when the products are discarded.

Who is a producer?

Producer responsibility pertains to companies that import or manufacture the following products:

  • cars, vans and comparable vehicles;
  • tyres from motor vehicles, other vehicles and equipment as well as vehicles or equipment supplied with tyres (including tyre retreading companies);
  • electronic and electrical appliances;
  • batteries and accumulators;
  • printing paper and paper for manufacturing other paper products;
  • packaging where the producer responsibility pertains to the packers of the products and importers or packaged products, but excluding the packaging producers.


Published 2014-09-22 at 9:11, updated 2022-05-30 at 15:07