A Tribute to Everyday Landscapes

Press release 2018-08-14 at 9:12
Press release by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and the Ministry of the Environmenton
City center of Tampere
Tampere in the summer time. Photo Riku Lumiaro.

The #arkimaisema photography campaign of the Ministry of the Environment and The Finnish Environment Institute challenges people to take a look at their own everyday landscape with new eyes.

Landscapes are present in our everyday lives and an important part of the quality, cultural heritage and identity of our living environment. We stop to admire the landscapes we regard as especially beautiful, but may hardly notice the landscapes which belong to our everyday lives. Our everyday living environment may become so familiar to us that we do not pay attention to it anymore.

However, landscapes are an integral part of our well-being and the attractiveness of our living environment. Everyday Landscape campaign encourages people to recognise the value of our familiar everyday landscape and its impact on our daily lives.

Your everyday landscape may be an urban, natural or rural landscape. It may be a beautiful or just an ordinary landscape. Stop for a moment, take a closer look at your everyday landscapes and take photographs of them. What kinds of thoughts or emotions does the landscape trigger in you? Share your photographs with the hashtag #arkimaisema.

In the autumn we celebrate Landscape Day

Everyday Landscape campaign will culminate in the International Landscape Day held on 20 October. In Finland, the theme of the day this year is everyday landscapes.

Celebrating Landscape Day began on the initiative of the European Council, and the objective is to institutionalise it as an annual tradition. Last year International Landscape Day was celebrated for the first time. At that time the Ministry of the Environment challenged the municipalities and NGOs to consider how the day could be celebrated in the coming years.

There is still plenty of time to plan the celebration of Landscape Day! As part of Everyday Landscape campaign, we share tips on how to celebrate Landscape Day.

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